The Amazing Health Benefits of Coffee

Following on from my last post “Metabolism Boosting Coffee”, I thought I would talk about some of the other wonderful health benefits coffee can provide. Firstly, the health benefits depend on whether you are drinking ‘good’ coffee or ‘bad’ coffee.  As a general rule, coffee made with fresh beans is good for you but instant and ground coffee can vary considerably in their benefits.  Many instant coffees contain mould toxins, and can even be mixed…

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Metabolism boosting coffee!

If you love your coffee but want to watch your waistline then here are a couple of tips to help boost your metabolism:- Researchers have found that when you drink a glass of chilled water you can boost your metabolism by 30%. So, drinking a glass of water with your coffee can supercharge your calorie burning machine. How? Well, firstly drinking caffeine stimulates your central nervous system which in turn, increases your heart rate,…

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delonghi magnifica

My Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine died!!!

A few weeks ago my life went into meltdown – my Delonghi Magnifica coffee machine broke down! The power light was on, but no little coffee makers were home. The Delonghi Magnifica was my first coffee machine bought way back in 2006.  We had been living in Australia, so were used to finding great coffee everywhere.  Whilst the UK has many positives, at that time, good coffee wasn’t one of them (I’m talking rural UK…

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Fancy a coffee with Ross Poldark?

Well, I know probably half the female population of a certain age in the UK would say YES to coffee with Aidan Turner. He’s the actor currently depicting Ross Poldark from Winston Graham’s novels on BBC TV.  Unfortunately, I can only offer you an imaginary coffee with the fictional character. In the story, Poldark lives in Cornwall during the turbulent late 1700’s.  I’ve always loved this period of history, mainly because of the revolutionary attitudes bubbling through…

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