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The latest big lifestyle trend in recent months has been the Danish concept of Hygge.  It’s a difficult trend to define, let alone pronounce! (hue-gah)  But, as a coffee drinker I think it has some important key elements to help us enjoy life, especially in dark, grey January:-

First and foremost Hygge focuses on food

Meat, confectionary and COFFEE!


Hygge is about sharing and savouring moments together.  So invite your friends over to enjoy a coffee together and chat about memories and good times.  It’s also about being in the moment – so try to really listen to the conversation and put the phones away!


Hygge doesn’t encourage competition, so no bragging and no politics.

Comfort and atmosphere

Find a cosy, comfy spot to enjoy your coffee.


Really savour and enjoy your coffee break, even when life feels rubbish.  Hygge is about appreciating the simple things and finding moments to take pleasure in and be grateful for.


Some Danes define Hygge as a moment that should feel like “a good hug”.  So, get together with your friends, hug your mug of coffee and enjoy the moment!


I’m off to arrange a coffee with friends and enjoy some hygge of my own.  I’d love it if you could share or like on my facebook page.


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