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If you love your coffee but want to watch your waistline then here are a couple of tips to help boost your metabolism:-

Researchers have found that when you drink a glass of chilled water you can boost your metabolism by 30%.

So, drinking a glass of water with your coffee can supercharge your calorie burning machine.


Well, firstly drinking caffeine stimulates your central nervous system which in turn, increases your heart rate, meaning you burn more calories.  That lovely warm coffee also changes your core body temperature, which stimulates your body to work harder to readjust your core temperature back to it’s normal rate.  If you then drink a chilled glass of water after your coffee, your body has to set about warming itself back up again – more calorie burning!.  I think this is how all those lovely Parisian ladies keep trim!  Have you not noticed how Europeans always seem to have a glass of water with their coffee?.

Next tip:-

If you can abstain from the coffee sprinkles on your cappuccino and go for some cinnamon instead on top this will also help boast your fat burning metabolism.   Cinnamon has been linked to an increase in metabolic rates and improved insulin sensitivity.  It’s also been used for decades in Chinese and Indian medicine for it’s ability to fight bacteria and viruses, so it’s a good choice as we go into the winter months.

As I’m just writing this post, my teenage son has arrived home from school.  Completely by coincidence, he informed me that in Biology class today they were learning how caffeine (i.e. coffee in my world) makes you burn fat stores instead of glucose if you drink it before exercising.  So that quick coffee before you go to the gym is actually having a positive effect on your workout.

In the next blog post, I will delve into the health benefits of coffee itself.

Enjoy your coffees!!!!




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